Friday, April 23, 2010

Reading Comprehension: Oil Rig Sinks - Answers

What caused the rig to sink?
A fire resulting from an unknown explosion.

How did most of the workers escape?
Most of the workers were rescued after escaping on lifeboats.

Why has the released oil not yet had a large environmental impact?
Most of the oil that has been released been burnt off.

What is suspected of causing an explosion?
An uncontrolled release, called a blowout, is suspected of causing the explosion.

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Reading Comprehension: Former IOC President Dies - Answers

Who was Juan Antonio Samaranch?
He was the former head of the International Olympic Committee.

Did the current International Olympic Committee (IOC) president die?
No, some who used to be the IOC president died.

How did Samaranch die?
He died from heart troubles.

Where did he serve as an ambassador?
He served in Moscow as the Spanish Ambassador.

What did Samaranch work for during his tenure as IOC president?
During his time in office, Samaranch worked to help increase the number of participating countries at the Olympics.

Did Samaranch have experience with sports prior to becoming IOC president?
Yes, he held roles with the Spanish Skating Federation, Spanish National Olympic Committee and as Chef de Mission at the games in Cortina d'Ampezzo, Rome and Tokyo.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Reading Comprehension: Europe Flight Ban - Answers


Are all airlines questioning the flight ban?

No, only some of the airlines are questioning the flight ban publicly.

What effect has the ban had on passengers?

Passengers are stranded and unable to go where they'd planned on going.

What do the airlines want to change?

They want the ban to be changed to allow some flights to occur.

What is the fear of authorities?

They fear that the ash will cause the engines of the airliners to fail.

Why do airlines think they should be allowed to fly?

They have conducted test flights, that have shown no problems with the ash.

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Reading Comprehension: Australian Earthquake - Answers


What city was struck by the earthquake?


Was anyone killed by the earthquake?

Yes, but not too many.

What happened to the school children?

They have been evacuated.

Has there been a larger earthquake in the last 50 years?

No, this is the largest in the last 50 years

Are earthquakes unusual for this area in Australia?
Yes, this is a stable region, and earthquakes are unusual.

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